Spearmint Scent - 85g

Spearmint Scent - 85g


Please refer to the Ingredients page for detail on what makes Free-ODORANT the best natural deodorant on the market. 

Our subtle Spearmint scent is created with a revitalising blend of Spearmint, Sweet Orange and Lavender pure certified organic essential oils. 

Just as important to know is how little of Free-ODORANT you need to use to stay fresh all day long.  As our product is concentrated a little bit goes a long way.  If used in accordance with these instructions, and applied once a day a stick will last on average 3 - 4 months.  

Additionally, Free-ODORANT is a natural product and will soften slightly in warmer months of warmer climates and harden a little in cooler months in cooler climates.  This may affect the quantity of product goes onto skin with each 'rub' and therefore the number of times you need to run the stick under your armpits (ie possibly less rubs when product is soft and more when product is firmer).  General application instructions are:

* Rub 1 - 3 times under each arm ensuring entire perspiration area is covered.  Rub your arms against body to work product into skin.  (This is especially important if you have hair in this area). Depending on your choice of garment, you may wish to allow a little absorption time. 

Please use as directed to avoid product transferring to your clothing.