Our Story

Nádúrtha (na-der-tha) - Gaelic word meaning 'natural'

Nádúrtha's Founder Verity Wallace has a passion for wellness and takes a holistic approach to her health. Being a parent of two young children and knowing many conventional products contain endocrine disrupting chemicals, Verity is mindful of what goes on her children's skin. Not wanting to compromise their development and health she started creating her own natural skincare for her and her family's use.

After years of creating products for her family, Verity set out to formulate a natural deodorant that didn't irritate her sensitive skin. After 12 months of thorough research and development she discovered a unique and highly effective formulation that also soothed and nourished her skin.

“Like many, I’ve made a personal choice and conscious effort to eliminate chemicals from my life. I want to support and promote health and wellbeing for my family and the environment and to contribute to the shift toward going back to basics by using natural. Creating a natural deodorant that was effective, free of toxins and not harmful to my health, was part of this process. I also feel this way about my customers. I want to provide a product that is a safe alternative to conventional deodorants that is of a high quality with high ethical standards and is of good value.”

Our Core Values include contributing and giving back to the community. We are committed to donating profits from every product sold to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Every dollar helps NBCF move closer towards zero deaths from breast cancer. 


At Nádúrtha we source only the highest quality food-grade, certified organic and cruelty free ingredients. We want to provide a sustainable and eco-friendly product that is healthy and safe for our customers as well as the environment.

Verity creates Nádúrtha’s products by hand in Tannum Sands, a small coastal town in Central Queensland, Australia.