At Nádúrtha we believe what we put on our skin should be as healthy as the food we eat. We are so happy to be able to share with you our handcrafted déodorant which is formulated with a unique blend of the highest quality natural, organic  and toxin-free food-grade ingredients.

We want our products to make you feel good, but also want you to feel good about using them. We’re committed to being eco-conscious and source our ingredients from Australian suppliers who share the same commitment to using natural, sustainable and ethical ingredients. Our suppliers are all Cruelty Free Accredited and where applicable, ingredients are Certified Organic and Fair Trade.

Our ecoluxe déodorant crème sticks are made with the greatest care and you can trust that our product is safe. The ingredients we have chosen have undergone minimal processing with no toxic chemicals, thus retaining as much of their natural benefits as possible. We’re not going to give you a long list of nasties our déodorant doesn’t contain – because it is toxin-free.

We have developed a unique luxe formulation that not only feels beautiful on your body it is effective. Neutralising underarm odour it naturally works to keep you smelling fresh all day.  Our formulation is pH balanced, non-irritating and suitable for use during pregnancy and for pre-teens. Our scents are UNISEX-Y just the packaging is different.

Having been produced in the sub tropical Central QLD climate we know that works and is suited to the hot and humid Australian weather.

We know you will love it as much as we do!

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Glamour Magazine
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