Is your packaging sustainable and recyclable? It sure is. Our cosmetic boxes are made from the pulp of trees grown on Certified Sustainable tree plantations. Our deodorant containers are made from polypropylene (PP) which is a low-density plastic and produces less solid waste by weight than PET. Polyproylene is fully recyclable with a recycle number of (5), meaning it can be put into your yellow top recycling bin.

I get irritation from natural deodorants with sodium bicarbonate, why is yours different? We have used just enough sodium bicarbonate in our formula to make it effective but non-irritating. This was a particular concern for our creator Verity to address when developing Free-ODORANT, as she herself was getting an irritable rash under her arms from other natural products. Verity wanted to ensure Free-ODORANT was non-irritating so as well as only using a minimal amount of bicarb, the formula is also pH balanced.

Can I use this product when pregnant? Of course! Free-ODORANT is completely toxin free and safe for use during pregnancy. The dilution of our essential oil blends is at a rate suitable for use whilst pregnant and when applied topically. We haven’t used any EO’s in our scent blends that should be avoided during this special time in life however, if you’d prefer to stay away from essential oils we have an Unscented option available.

Is Free-ODORANT suitable for children? Yes it is :) You can feel confident our product is perfectly safe and healthy for your growing children. You will just need to make sure they use it correctly and don’t use too much!

Is your product suitable for people with sensitive skin? Absolutely! In fact, we have had reports of customers saying that Free-ODORANT has actually helped heal and soothe their skin from irritation from other deodorants. Additionally, Free-ODORANT is pH balanced which aids in negating the effects of irritation. We have been granted the seal of Allergen Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia however, we would recommend choosing our Unscented option if you are particularly sensitive to essential oils.

How long will your product last? The life-span of a stick depends on how much you use. Do you only need one rub under each arm or do you use 3? Do you wear to the gym and then reapply? We tend to say that one stick of Free-ODORANT will last on average 3 months with the potential to last longer.

Is Free-ODORANT vegan friendly? Our deodorant contains beeswax. Our beeswax is ethically harvested and although it is a by-product of raising bees from a cruelty free and sustainable supplier, we are not able to deem our product Vegan. Our ingredients are sourced from Australian suppliers who are Certified Cruelty Free.

Will Free-ODORANT stop me from sweating? This is a tricky one. Sometimes yes, but technically no. This is a natural deodorant, not an antiperspirant so is not formulated to inhibit sweat. It’s healthy to sweat, we want you to perspire! In saying that, we have incorporated certified organic tapioca starch into our formula which naturally aids in absorbing moisture. And it really does. Unless you’re flogging yourself at the gym, are in the tropics or going through a ridiculous heatwave and there’s no avoiding the sweat monster, we do find that Free-ODORANT does keep you dry under normal conditions. Did you know that wearing natural deodorant can actually make you sweat less? This is due in part to there being no presence and buildup of synthetic and toxic ingredients under your arms, thus allowing your skin to breathe.

Does your product contain Palm Oil? To aid in our product's glide we've incorporated a teeny amount of Capylic/Capric Triglyceride into our formula, which is derived from either Coconut Kernel Oil or Palm Kernel Oil. If sourced from Palm Kernel our supplier is RSPO Accredited with Sustainable Green Palm Certification.