free odorant

We are excited to release the first product in our range of ecoluxe boutique skincare. Free-ODORANT® is a unisex, all natural, organic and toxin free deodorant crème stick that is healthy for your underarms and proven to be effective at neutralising odours.  


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I have used MANY products on the market that claim to do all kinds of magic, but none have delivered like Free-ODORANT. But finally, I think we've hit the jackpot!


I was skeptical to try another natural deodorant but I am excited by the results. Not only does Free-ODORANT work under stressful conditions, it feels great on my skin!


I have been using your natural deodorant Free-ODORANT and love it! Congratulations on a wonderful product - a natural deodorant that actually works is the holy grail!

Ben - Medicine ManSydney

I've tried 10 natural deodorants and it's really hard to find one that effectively controls odour and not cause irritation. Free-ODORANT is by far the best I’ve used.

MelTannum Sands